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Click here to download our full puppy contract and health guarantee.


We feed all dogs in our care TLC puppy or dog food and highly recommend our buyers to do so as well. The blend of wholesome and natural ingredients will ensure the best possible sustained health and a longer life for your dog. Plus, enjoy the convenience of free Autoship!

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It is important to us that your new pet stays healthy and happy in the long term. This is why we strongly recommend that anyone who takes one of our puppies home also purchases a supply of NuVet Vitamins. This vitamin guarantees the overall health of your new puppy, providing maximum immune system support as well as promoting healthy skin and a healthy coat. The health guarantee in our contract also requires that the puppy receives daily NuVet Vitamins for at least the first two years.

To purchase your puppy's supply of NuVet Vitamins, please use
this code: [21392]

Click here: or call 1(800) 474-7044.


We take a natural approach with doTERRA to care for our dogs.  We use essential oil blends to prevent fleas and ticks, treat minor cuts and scrapes, and for emotional support. You can learn more on our PHBC Natural Remedies document or on our recommendations page here


Use our discount code [PHBC25] for your lifetime membership to Baxter and Bella online puppy training school! 

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