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“Meet Rex and Spot! We can’t thank Logan and his crew enough for the wonderful Border Collies we have. They are a wonderful fit with our children and our farm! They are easily trained and very smart dogs! The kids love the factor they can everywhere with them without us having to worry! They have brought so much joy to our family and friends! I would highly recommend if you are looking for a border collie reaching out to Logan and his crew!”


“TIG from Plum Hollow BC is invaluable on our grass fed lamb and beef farm, Riverton Farms LLC. He moves the sheep across the fields and is an excellent companion for our two little girls. TIGs herding skills improve more all the time and he helps us keep all the sheep moving in the right direction. He’s very lovable and happy to have a cuddle during down time.” -Megan Detweiler King

“First photo is Citra. Second photo is Nook. Both are Plum Hollow pups! We are proud to have dogs from Logan and Ashley. We first met them in 2016 when we got Citra. I knew that I wanted a split face boy for our next. In 2018, Sage had a perfect little boy that looked just like her- it’s like I dreamed Nook into life! Here we are years later and Logan still keeps in touch with us! That means so much!!! They have always been happy, healthy dogs ” -Sammy Gallagher


“Meet Piper & Winni! We reached out to Logan about 2 years ago looking for siblings. Our last set was with us for 15 years and we fell in love with the breed. Logan worked with us to find the right pups for us and we couldn't be happier to-=be part of the Plum Hollow family ” -Denise Hubbard


Thanks to Logan and his family for breeding and raising what I believe to be some of the best BC bloodlines on the east coast. I’d also like to send out a huge thank you to Plum Hollow for continuing daily to being a true example of a family setting. Please don’t take it lightly when Logan makes reference to the Plum Hollow BC family. It’s not just a slogan to sell pups , to Logan its heartfelt and truly everyday life to him.” -Randy Baer


“Dogs are great, best temperament, eager to train and very affectionate. Logan and team provides great communication and care in providing you with the best fit for your family.” -Emily Cornelius

Special thanks to Logan and his family for helping us during a tough time. Sully is a very well trained 2-year-old and the envy of our neighborhood. He just loves people and especially children. He is our dream dog.” -Timothy Eshelman


“As a Certified Veterinary Technician, it was extremely important to me that I found a reputable breeder that put their dogs health and mental well-being first and foremost. Logan does just that. He produces top quality dogs that are easy to train and a pleasure to be around. His lines have a ‘built in’ work ethic that is evident at a young age, and I look forward to many fun filled days on the farm with this pup by my side. Just as much as she wants to work, she is also a perfect family dog. Whimsy is the best of both worlds! She can move chickens, horses and cows like a boss and then come inside and be gentle and kind with our children. She is loved by everyone who meets her. Plum Hollow Border Collies have the best minds and healthy bodies to be happy working family dogs! All of their pups are well acquainted with young children, cats, and other animals thanks to the home environment they are born into. Thanks to their careful breeding selections and extensive health testing of all dogs in their program, we look forward to many happy and healthy years with our Plum Hollow Border Collie!” -Sarah M.

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“My boyfriend and I have had such an amazing experience with Plum Hollow from the moment we reached out inquiring about one of their puppies, up until now a year later, and I know it will continue on. Plum Hollow has been extremely responsive and helpful regarding information about the puppies. We can tell that each and every puppy and dog that they have are very well cared for and loved, and it shows. Their puppies are happy, healthy, and active - exactly how we would hope. Our little pup from Plum Hollow just turned 1 year old and we cannot express how happy and thankful we are for them. We are extremely happy with our experience with Plum Hollow and are positive that they will continue to do an amazing job with their pups.” -Abby C.


"This is Paisley, The Conservation Pup. She has a very important job helping me manage four Nature Preserves (500+ acres) in West Virginia. I needed a special pup for this job, and Plum Hollow BC gave me the perfect best friend. Logan was so helpful throughout the first year, answering all of my new mom questions." -Katelyn W.


"This photo right here only explains the love that Rosie has for our daughter, Taylor. Constantly following her everywhere she goes and she can never make a move without Rosie knowing. We were the last to get a female from your November 2nd 2020 litter and we were so thrilled that Rosie was meant for us. Taylor and Rosie share the same November 2nd birthday! It was fate. Thank you so much for our Rosie." -Elizabeth D.


"Although we didn’t get Journey directly from Plum Hollow, Logan has been so nice and accommodating since I found out that PHBC was her breeder. He helped me figure out some of her background story, and we are so grateful to be welcomed to the PHBC family. This photo is from NADD regionals in September!" -Emily L.

"This is my gorgeous boy Scout! His mother is Athena and his father is Lincoln. I couldn’t imagine not having Scout in our lives. He is so loving and very well mannered. I only was able to do a virtual visit with Scout but when we came to pick him up Logan was the best with telling us everything we needed to know. We get so many compliments and always send them your way! Scout is very active and loves watching tv! When we are ready we will be back to get Scout a playmate. I was very happy to see the puppies were raised with love and children around." -Kelly F.


“Ele is a special girl. Our experience with Plum Hollow BC was wonderful. The puppies are well cared for and we met Ele before we came to pick her up. We knew she was special the moment we met her. She continues to amaze us every day.” -Jackie Shank


“Our Bodie who will be 7 years old in January still has the energy of a pup! He’s full of fun and mischief and wants to be friends with everyone he meets, people and dogs (loves the snow too!). He also loves to sit on our hill and just watch the world.” -Julia McGuigan


“This is Mabel! We got her about 2 years ago from Plum Hollow and it was the best decision we’ve ever made!” -Josh Garwood


“Sweet Piper! Logan helped us find the perfect family member ... smart, loving, loyal, and curious — she challenges us to be our best in order to bring out her best! ” -Randy Rygiel Nord

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